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What Does HBO’s House of the Dragon Teach Us about Executive Communications?
There are parallels between House of the Dragon and executive communications -- and more specifically, leadership succession communications. 
Matt Panichas
Working your way out of the pandemic: Three ways COVID has forever changed internal communications
For internal communications professionals working their way out of the pandemic, one thing is extremely clear: COVID has transformed internal communications, and there’s no going back. 
Sara Whitman and Isabel Conrad
HPL Digital Sport's Ed Moed: Understanding your target market is crucial
According to Ed Moed, CEO of HPL Digital Sport, as the market continues to shift, it becomes increasingly vital for firms to ensure that whatever their company does, it is focused and has the ability to build.
Ed Moed
Should Employees Be Required to Turn On Cameras During Virtual Meetings?
Sara Whitman, chief people officer at Hot Paper Lantern, a New York City-based marketing communications agency with 40 employees, recommends that employees take a cue from their clients: If clients have their cameras on, employees should, too.
Sara Whitman
8 experts on how to deal with job burnout - The Ladders
A day in the life of a PR professional can sometimes feel like a series of conundrums, such as juggling a busy meeting schedule while trying to adhere to various deadlines, that can eventually contribute to burnout.
Sara Whitman
3 sports-betting entrepreneurs who have raised money in 2022 share their advice for other startups
Fantastic recognition for our clients WagerWire, Playmaker and our CEO, Ed Moed, who are featured in Business Insider about successfully securing funding as a startup in the sports betting space, and an instructive guide for how to raise money amid market uncertainty.
Ted Birkhahn