Why Communications is Vital to Improving Employee Experience

The Hot Paper Lantern (HPL) team spoke with more than a dozen HR, talent acquisition, and communications executives about how they plan to tackle significant employee experience challenges.

The research uncovers best practices for attracting talent and enhancing the employee experience of frontline workers in the retail, manufacturing, and hospitality industries and offers a spotlight on the operational nuances of call centers.

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“Not everybody wants to work 40 hours, and I don’t think historically people have always wanted to, but there was no other option. And now, there are, quite frankly, options.”

- Communications Executive
The pandemic, low unemployment, and a historically tight labor market have made attracting and retaining frontline talent increasingly challenging in recent years. To win the war for frontline talent, businesses must focus on creating a positive employee experience and implementing effective employee communications strategies.

With a heightened focus on the needs, desires, and expectations of today’s employees, companies must place people at the heart of their operations; in fact, it’s what’s necessary to survive in this volatile and competitive business environment.

Over a dozen HR, talent acquisition, and communications professionals share their stories from the frontlines in the war for talent.

The four critical takeaways from this report include the following:

Examples of how companies are transforming the frontline employee experience to provide more flexibility and balance
Insights on how HR and comms pros are using technology to spur candidate engagement and improve the work experience
Innovative strategies to create a complementary brand and employee experience that attracts candidates while also benefiting employees and customers
The critical role of listening & communication - particularly at the manager level - in building a relationship of mutual trust