We help you define and tell your story to your most coveted audiences

From startups to global companies, clients hire HPL to target, engage and influence stakeholders that are critical to the success of their business. We build strategic communications and growth marketing campaigns, helping clients tackle the challenges of operating in a highly fragmented, competitive and polarizing environment.


Building and protecting your reputation.
We help brands and business leaders turn reputation into a strategic advantage and competitive edge. Our approach relies on building narratives that define the “why,” and turning complex topics into dynamic stories that appeal to the head and the heart.


Capturing market share.
Our clients are in a race to win and retain customers in an uber-competitive market. We design growth marketing campaigns that blend strategy and creativity, to help brands break through the clutter and acquire and retain new customers.

Design +

Bringing ideas to life.
Integrating design and experience are table stakes for businesses across every industry. Our team of designers and developers serves a critical role in the stories we create for our clients.


Using data to refine and optimize.
We measure our work at every step to optimize campaigns and generate the greatest possible ROI for our clients. Using a combination of sophisticated CommsTech platforms and human expertise, we embed data and analytics into everything we do.

Specialty Markets
& Advisory

Driving value through category expertise.
We focus on high-growth markets, such as sports and sports technology, sports betting, and igaming, and we leverage our category expertise to secure partnerships, funding, and customers
for our clients.