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Three Questions Every Chief Communications Officer Should Prepare For When Confronting a Crisis at a Global Manufacturing Firm
The rules governing a crisis typically adhere to the following process: at the outset, collect information. Assess the situation. Respond to your stakeholders. Evaluate message resonance and reaction. Adjust and optimize, as appropriate. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. 
Matt Panichas
The Connection Between Podcast Production and Synesthesia
While reflecting on the experience of having synesthesia and its influence on her work in podcast production, our Communications Specialist Sarah Linick outlines the benefits of incorporating podcast work into integrated communications efforts: "As I produce each podcast, an experience that ignites a colorful amalgamation of music, sound effects, words, and storylines in my head, I am able to leverage the way in which my brain works to create something that I hope will be enriching, dynamic, and vivid for others."
Sarah Linick
Client Spotlight: PVH Leading the Way on Corporate Responsibility
At the heart of any ESG communications effort is a company’s ability to articulate its sustainability efforts in ways that foster transparency and drive accountability.
A More Politicized World Adds Pressure on Brands to Speak Out: Are you Ready for What’s Next?
We live in a hyper-partisan, politicized world that increasingly looks like red brands versus blue brands, with executive leaders becoming more entangled in political and social issues that were once no-go territory for businesses.
Hot Paper Lantern Named to PRNEWS’ 2023 Agency Elite Top 100 List
Hot Paper Lantern has been named to PRNEWS’ 2023 Agency Elite Top 100 list! This list recognizes the most innovative PR and communications firms in the industry.
Board of Directors Take Note: ESG Non-Compliance Can Wreak Havoc on a Brand’s Reputation; 4 Crisis Communications Tips to Consider
A critical, yet underappreciated aspect of ESG initiatives that is often overlooked are the threats posed by non-compliance, as well as not communicating accurately and effectively with all stakeholders, including regulators. 
Ted Birkhahn and Matt Panichas