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The 2023 War for Frontline Talent
Frontline employees are in demand and have new expectations at work. Companies that rise to the occasion, placing humans at the heart of their operations, will become employers of choice.
Tired of Transformation: Navigating Change and Mental Health in the Workplace
People are what make or break change efforts, and it’s crucial to ensure they are prepared — both emotionally and physically — for these efforts to be successful. So where and how can we start?
Sara Whitman and Remi Yuter
Building Meaning & Purpose into the Employee Experience
Mia Blessing, Internal Communications Team Lead and Lead Public Affairs Specialist at NASA Ames Research Center, sits down with Sara Whitman to discuss employee ambassadors and how to build meaning and purpose into the employee experience.
Ted Birkhahn on Business Council of Westchester's Beyond The Panel
Ted Birkhahn, President and Co-founder of Hot Paper Lantern, recently joined The Business Council of Westchester's Beyond the Panel podcast to discuss the current state of the workplace, and ways in which employers can better attract and retain talent.
How to get started with measuring burnout
Sara Whitman recently shared insights with Ragan on the origins and solutions for addressing workplace burnout: “A stronger partnership between comms and HR can help define and quantify burnout at most organizations.”
Sara Whitman
PR's Top Pros Talk: Sara Whitman
Sara Whitman was recently a guest on an episode of the PR's Top Pros Talk podcast discussing key findings outlined in our 2023 War for Frontline Talent report.
Sara Whitman
The War for Frontline Talent
In a new article for Ragan, Ted Birkhahn and Sara Whitman discuss key findings from our new report, The 2023 War for Frontline Talent.
Ted Birkhahn and Sara Whitman