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The 2023 War for Frontline Talent
Frontline employees are in demand and have new expectations at work. Companies that rise to the occasion, placing humans at the heart of their operations, will become employers of choice.
Five Lessons We Learned from Starting Our Agency
Hot Paper Lantern is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month. Usually, we don’t make much of these milestones, but it is a moment to reflect on lessons learned and look forward to the next five.
Ed Moed and Ted Birkhahn
Top 8 Pros & Cons of Hosting Company Events in the Metaverse
With technology evolving at a dizzying pace, it can be difficult to wrap your head around everything -- but one thing is for certain: the Web3 era is among us and poised to revolutionize how our clients engage with their audiences.
5 Steps to Hosting an Event in the Metaverse
In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, hosting company events in the metaverse has emerged as a novel and intriguing approach, offering unique opportunities for immersive and engaging experiences. Based on firsthand experience, we identified five essential steps to hosting a successful event in the metaverse.
Building Brands Through a Downturn
In an article for PRNews, Ted Birkhahn shares some cost-effective ways for start-ups to build their brands and businesses through an economic downturn.
Ted Birkhahn
Ted Birkhahn on Tech Trends 24/7 Leaders Podcast
Ted Birkhahn, President of Hot Paper Lantern, was featured on the Tech Trends 24/7 Leaders Podcast
Exploring Web3 Integration: A Retrospective on a Successful Virtual Event
The rapid growth of Web3 offers exciting possibilities for businesses to engage with audiences in immersive virtual environments. To understand and embrace these new technologies, we hosted an event in a virtual environment for our staff.