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Should Employees Be Required to Turn On Cameras During Virtual Meetings?
Sara Whitman, chief people officer at Hot Paper Lantern, a New York City-based marketing communications agency with 40 employees, recommends that employees take a cue from their clients: If clients have their cameras on, employees should, too.
Sara Whitman
8 experts on how to deal with job burnout - The Ladders
A day in the life of a PR professional can sometimes feel like a series of conundrums, such as juggling a busy meeting schedule while trying to adhere to various deadlines, that can eventually contribute to burnout.
Sara Whitman
3 sports-betting entrepreneurs who have raised money in 2022 share their advice for other startups
Fantastic recognition for our client WagerWire and our CEO, Ed Moed, who are featured in Business Insider about successfully securing funding as a startup in the sports betting space, and an instructive guide for how to raise money amid market uncertainty.
Ted Birkhahn
Stakeholder Capitalism and ESG - the Page Society
Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) are grappling with how best to design and implement communications strategies that support their companies' ESG programs.
Ted Birkhahn
HPL partners with YVote to help protect voting rights in America
In 2020, in light of a raging pandemic, George Floyd’s murder, and the country’s collective mobilization around the Black Lives Matter movement, we sat down as an agency to determine what role we could play in making the world a better place. We wanted to invoke positive change and channel our agency’s resources into supporting an effort that would translate into tangible action. So, we decided to focus on the protection of voter rights and, as a result, we were fortunate to meet Sanda Balaban and the YVote family.
Ted Birkhahn
The Hacking HR Podcast - Episode 424 - Sara Whitman, HPL's Chief People Officer
Sara Whitman, HPL's Chief People Officer, speaks with The Hacking HR Podcast about talent management and employee engagement in the era of remote work.
Sara Whitman