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A More Politicized World Adds Pressure on Brands to Speak Out: Are you Ready for What’s Next?
We live in a hyper-partisan, politicized world that increasingly looks like red brands versus blue brands, with executive leaders becoming more entangled in political and social issues that were once no-go territory for businesses.
Courageous Leadership and Engagement
HPL sits down with PwC's Bhushan Sethi to discuss leading with authenticity, building trust and engaging at work.
Web3 and Business Today
Businesses face several challenges and opportunities as many industries begin utilizing Web3 to make their processes more efficient and secure.
Isabel Conrad and Stevenson Doughty
A Brief Intro and Overview of Web3
Web3 is based on blockchain technology and decentralized networks providing users with more control, privacy, and security over their data and activities online.
Isabel Conrad and Stevenson Doughty
The Evolving Employee Experience: A Conversation with Carrie Altieri
Hot Paper Lantern's Bold Steps & Misses podcast, featuring Carrie Altieri, VP, Head of Internal & Executive Communications at Kyndryl.
Three Questions Every Chief Communications Officer Should Prepare For When Confronting a Crisis at a Global Manufacturing Firm
The rules governing a crisis typically adhere to the following process: at the outset, collect information. Assess the situation. Respond to your stakeholders. Evaluate message resonance and reaction. Adjust and optimize, as appropriate. Easy, right? Well, not so fast. 
Matt Panichas
The Connection Between Podcast Production and Synesthesia
While reflecting on the experience of having synesthesia and its influence on her work in podcast production, our Communications Specialist Sarah Linick outlines the benefits of incorporating podcast work into integrated communications efforts: "As I produce each podcast, an experience that ignites a colorful amalgamation of music, sound effects, words, and storylines in my head, I am able to leverage the way in which my brain works to create something that I hope will be enriching, dynamic, and vivid for others."
Sarah Linick