A More Politicized World Adds Pressure on Brands to Speak Out: Are you Ready for What’s Next?

We live in a hyper-partisan, politicized world that increasingly looks like red brands versus blue brands, with executive leaders becoming more entangled in political and social issues that were once no-go territory for businesses. 

For internal communicators who serve a diverse range of employees in geographically dispersed locations, the playbook has shifted dramatically. Employees are looking for their employers to make their stance known and are turning more and more to employee activism. In fact, a survey by the global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills found more than 80% of companies predicted a rise in workforce activism.

It’s not just employees. Customers, governments, investors, unions, suppliers and distributors all have a unique and often contradictory set of priorities making it harder than ever to make critical decisions around engagement.

Where do I start?

With diverse stakeholder expectations and competing priorities, internal communicators are caught in a conundrum: There are a multitude of factors that need to be considered when deciding why, when and how to engage, all with multiple audience implications. At the same time, unexpected issues and circumstances lurk around every corner. 

Creating an approach, rooted in company values, strategy and culture, allows your organization to weigh the risks and benefits of taking a stance or to remain out of the conversation. Yet, the variety of factors involved in making that decision are easier said than done.

That’s why Hot Paper Lantern created this guide, and our distinct approach, called READY NOW. Our intent is to help you prepare now and to provide the tools, guides and frameworks to be ready when the need arises. 

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