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The 2023 War for Frontline Talent
Frontline employees are in demand and have new expectations at work. Companies that rise to the occasion, placing humans at the heart of their operations, will become employers of choice.
The Ohtani PR Crisis
Recently, Hot Paper Lantern CEO Ed Moed recently spoke with Chris Sedens on KNX News 97.1 FM about Major League Baseball MLB's superstar Shohei Ohtani's gambling scandal.
Sports and Media Consultancy, JohnWallStreet Announces Dates and Line-up for Invitation-Only Spring ’24 Sports and Media Huddle
Partners Hot Paper Lantern and Pro League Network will sponsor the JohnWallStreet Spring '24 Sports and Media Huddle
Sterling Randle
Does Your Employer Brand Reflect Your Corporate Brand? (It should)
In a recent article for Recruitment Marketing, Julianna Jacobson underscores the significance of employer brand in shaping a company's overall reputation and highlights the importance of aligning employee perception with brand values to cultivate a cohesive identity.
Why Employers Should Encourage Fathers to Take Paid Leave
The stigma surrounding paid parental leave for fathers is diminishing as more companies offer benefits and time off to new dads.
Carol Dasaro
The What’s In and What’s Out of Communications and Social Media in 2024
In-and-out lists are definitely in for 2024, but what else is “in” for this year in the world of social media, marketing, and communications?
Julianna Jacobson
Five Lessons We Learned from Starting Our Agency
Hot Paper Lantern is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month. Usually, we don’t make much of these milestones, but it is a moment to reflect on lessons learned and look forward to the next five.
Ed Moed and Ted Birkhahn