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The 2023 War for Frontline Talent
Frontline employees are in demand and have new expectations at work. Companies that rise to the occasion, placing humans at the heart of their operations, will become employers of choice.
Civic Engagement with the Next Generation at Work
Sanda Balaban from YVote/NextGen Politics and Chris-Ann Barnett, YVote participant, sit down with Sara Whitman, Chief People Officer at Hot Paper Lantern, to discuss civic engagement and discourse, Generation Z and the workplace, and how employers can flex to meet this next generation of the workforce.
Enhancing the Employee Experience with CommsTech
Host Sara Whitman, Chief People Officer and partner at Hot Paper Lantern, sits down with Dan Nestle, Leader, Communications and Corporate Responsibility, LIXIL Americas at LIXIL for an in-depth conversation about communications technology in service of the employee experience.
Best Practices for Generating Media Coverage
Earning top-tier media coverage consistently over time is crucial for building strong brand reputation and awareness. However, generating this type of coverage is not an easy feat.
Ted Birkhahn
Using Data to Develop Breakthrough Communications Strategies
Using data to develop successful communications strategies will ensure that your efforts have a material impact on business outcomes.
Ted Birkhahn
Web3 Tools and Resources for Businesses
Web3 is still in its nascent stage, and many companies have only just begun to explore the business opportunities it can provide.
Isabel Conrad and Stevenson Doughty
Courageous Leadership and Engagement
HPL sits down with PwC's Bhushan Sethi to discuss leading with authenticity, building trust and engaging at work.