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The 2023 War for Frontline Talent
Frontline employees are in demand and have new expectations at work. Companies that rise to the occasion, placing humans at the heart of their operations, will become employers of choice.
Deconstructing the PGA Tour/LIV Merger: Four Lessons for Internal Communications Pros
In an article for PRNEWS, Hot Paper Lantern’s Ted Birkhahn and Mike Adorno analyze how negative press could have been minimized by prioritizing internal communications as much as it did its external rollout. 
Ted Birkhahn and Mike Adorno
Instilling Company Culture Across Geographic Divides: The Key to Working with Global Teams
Ensuring your global team is aligned under one company mission is no easy task, but with the right approach, companies can thrive in cross-cultural environments.
Sara Whitman and Isabel Conrad
Communicating Through Ambiguity: Building Trust in Times of Uncertainty
Communications professionals can draw upon hard lessons learned during COVID to lead through this ambiguity and relied on to help build trust and confidence among employees. 
Sara Whitman and Isabel Conrad
Embracing Flexibility & the Future of Work
Cali Williams Yost, the Founder and CEO of flex + strategy group, joins Sara Whitman on the latest episode of Bold Steps and Misses.
It’s Time to Reboot Your Re-Recruiting
With a tight labor market and low unemployment levels nationwide, many companies continue to struggle with retaining talent. So how can companies reduce early attrition? One way is to invest in the concept of re-recruiting.
Ted Birkhahn
Tired of Transformation: Navigating Change and Mental Health in the Workplace
People are what make or break change efforts, and it’s crucial to ensure they are prepared — both emotionally and physically — for these efforts to be successful. So where and how can we start?
Sara Whitman and Remi Yuter