For seven years, HPL drove earned media coverage for Allianz Trade, which provides trade credit insurance, a popular product in Europe that is relatively unknown and under-utilized in the USA and greater North America.


Through strategic media relations (breaking-news commentary and sharing proprietary research on the global economy) and media trainings for SMEs, HPL was able to secure top-tier coverage in publications and broadcast outlets including Cheddar, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Radio, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. We built brand recognition and helped Allianz Trade gain customers by positioning the brand’s SMEs as experts who have the best possible pulse on what’s going on within the US economy.


Trade credit insurance is a relatively unknown and under-utilized tool within the United States. The HPL team worked to make the organization and product relevant by finding smart, creative ways to story tell around issues concerning primary buyers of this product. As a result of our thought-leadership planning, original research, and survey creation, we built brand recognition and helped Allianz Trade generate awareness by positioning the brand’s SMEs as experts who have the best possible pulse on what’s going on in the US economy. The key is using messaging on economic indicators that the everyday person can digest, making it easy for them to understand how the news affects their business.


The collective media-relations efforts established the company and its spokespeople as credible and authoritative sources on issues impacting the economy. Top-tier outlets — including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and NBC News — proactively reach out to speak with these experts in the wake of macroeconomic events. Furthermore, the company has established a voice on issues impacting CFOs, small-business owners, and those involved in trade (both domestically and globally).


Generate brand awareness to help Allianz Trade connect with business leaders, new customers, and new potential employees

Research & thought-leadership creation

Routine placement of top-tier & trade media coverage

Media-train & help expand depth of SMEs to position Allianz Trade as an expert on economic risk



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