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3 sports-betting entrepreneurs who have raised money in 2022 share their advice for other startups

Ted Birkhahn

Fantastic recognition for our clients WagerWire, Playmaker and our CEO, Ed Moed, who are featured in Business Insider about successfully securing funding as a startup in the sports betting space, and an instructive guide for how to raise money amid market uncertainty.

The piece also references our Growth Accelerator program, launched in partnership with Cardinal Sports Capital, which helps companies in the sports betting, iGaming, sports technology, and fantasy sports categories raise capital and market themselves effectively.

"Doctor said the key was finding a lead investor who believed in their vision and commanded respect in the industry, even in uncertain times. That investor was Miami Marlins co-owner Roger Ehrenberg, who WagerWire met through Ed Moed's Hot Paper Lantern."

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3cpxYNk