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Cardinal Sports, Hot Paper Lantern Form $100M Startup Accelerator - Sportico

Ted Birkhahn

We’re excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Cardinal Sports Capital! We've created an Accelerator Program that will unite the strengths of both Cardinal Sports Capital and HPL Digital Sport to help streamline a company’s access to essential tools needed for entrepreneurs to obtain capital, network in the right channels, effectively articulate their value proposition and get their products and services into the hands of the right audiences.

Other services within the Program include:

  • Helping to shape and create business strategies for marketplace success
  • Relationship building and introductions to targeted customers, vendors, partners, advisors, counsel and others to make key inroads
  • A guiding hand and a focus on capital raises through a large collective investor network
  • Advertising, partnership development, positioning, marketing, public relations, influencer engagement, investor relations and other brand building and customer acquisition solutions

You can read more about the partnership here: https://www.sportico.com/business/finance/2022/hot-paper-lantern-and-cardinal-sports-capital-1234673941