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Using Data to Develop Breakthrough Communications Strategies

Ted Birkhahn

Using data to develop successful communications strategies will ensure that your efforts have a material impact on business outcomes. Proven methods of using data to inform an approach include the following:

  • Prioritize key metrics: Determine which metrics are most relevant to your business goals and track them to measure the impact of your communications efforts. This includes data such as website traffic, employee sentiment, social media engagement, or sales.

  • Analyze audience behavior: Use data to gain insights into your target audience's behavior and preferences, which can help inform the tone, messaging, and channels used in your communications.

  • Evaluate past performance: Analyzing the performance of past communications campaigns can help identify what worked well and what didn't, allowing you to make informed decisions about future strategies.

  • Benchmark against competitors: Comparing your communications efforts to your competitors can help identify areas where your business lags or holds a competitive advantage.

  • Incorporate audience feedback: Leverage customer feedback data to identify areas where your communications may not resonate with your target audience and adjust accordingly.

Using data strategically enhances the value of communications programs and creates results that are more likely to impact business outcomes substantially.